A downloadable game for Windows

A game done during the 2019 Global Game Jam at the Taguspark site in Portugal.

Sometimes home is the thing that makes you feel safe. Sometimes is what you fear the most. Sometimes what makes you feel safe are your friends and familly. Sometimes your friends and familly are your home. 

What really matters is who you're twined with.

Keyboard Controls

  • W/D: lateral movement
  • Spacebar: jump
  • Shift: swap character
  • LMB: rewind
  • LMB + RMB: super rewind
  • P: reset
  • ESC: exit game



Install instructions

  1. Unzip downloaded file.
  2. Run "Retwined.exe" inside the unziped folder.


Retwined 27 MB


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Expected something spooky, got a decent puzzler instead. Enjoyed the design and tone, pretty unique for the jam!

I briefly covered it in our jam roundup: https://www.indietoaster.com/en/highlights-en/global-game-jam-2019-roundup/

Thank you very much! :)